turning sheets sides to middle

source: cassell’s guide to linen

cassels guide to linen



i only buy/make super-huge flat sheets (140×120) anymore for my very weird bed. notice the seam in the middle.  in about ten or twenty years that seam will be ripped out and the sheet turned. this sheet is actually big enough to turn tops and bottoms, as well.

let it drapr

tuck it in

the plethora of other sheets i have are from the bed i had previously, and they get recycled/refashioned to fit the current bed.

here is the old fashioned idea of super-huge flat sheets: a housekeeper would buy one super-huge linen flat sheet per year.

super-huge flat sheets are the bottom sheet. as the middle wears out, turn sides and i get another 5- 10 years out of it. the downhill usage continues, as worn bottom  sheets become top sheets, pillowcases, hankies, and then rags.

If let go too long, like last week, i put my foot thru the middle of the flat bottom sheet,  turned sides, cut out the bad part, but the sheet lost three feet in the process, so then became a much smaller top sheet.

  • i either order the flat sheets custom made from thomas ferguson irish linen 140×120.
  • or… i buy two twin sheets stalking ebay, sew them together to make a 140×120 bottom flat sheet, seam down middle.  easily turnable many years from now.
  • or… i buy a bolt of linen from joann and make my own.

french seams make a horrible lump.  instead,  i sew the two pieces of fabric together, with a close zig zag stitch, press,  trim edge, serge/overlock, and press the bit to one side.   very comfortable.

  1. here is a picture of the first of two Ferguson 140×120 2012 turned sides to middle caught before it turned into shreds like the other.  i should get another 5-10 years out of this one.  note the old stains once in the middle of the sheet are now on the hemmed edge.

turned sides to middle

2. notice the middle is no longer stained. yay.  I don’t feel the seam. turned sides 2

3. tuck it in. i should get another 5 -10 years out of this sheet.  turned sides to middle3

  1. below is the sheet i put my foot through. it was the second of two Fergusons 140×120 dated 2012. Not 140 x 120 any more.
  2. what happened was: i was busy at school with the school backpacking club, and work, and life, and used the same sheet endlessly for four years. i didn’t rotate stock or switch tops and bottoms like you’re supposed to.  bam, foot went through. shreds. when i turned the sheet sides to middle, and cut out the ruined bits, i lost three feet of the center of the sheet.
  3. i am not happy with the overhang on the side of the bed. probably will downsize this to pillowcases or something, or eBay it to someone with a smaller bed. the fabric is really thin and pathetically worn.  here i have shown it with the new Joanne “faux french dowry” sheet i made a few days ago. i think it it would look better with a shorter coverlet.

shredded sheet sides to middle

shredded sheet sides to middle 2

here is the method i use: (kudos to author karenza t wall)


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